The Future

What about NixWRT?

This is an in-progress rewrite of NixWRT, incorporating Lessons Learned. That said, as of today it is not yet at feature parity.

Liminix will eventually provide these differentiators over NixWRT:

  • a writable filesystem so that software updates or reconfiguration (e.g. changing passwords) don’t require taking the device offline to reflash it.

  • more flexible service management with dependencies, to allow configurations such as “route through PPPoE if it is healthy, with fallback to LTE”

  • a spec for valid configuration options (a la NixOS module options) to that we can detect errors at evaluation time instead of producing a bad image.

  • a network-based mechanism for secrets management so that changes can be pushed from a central location to several Liminix devices at once

  • send device metrics and logs to a monitoring/alerting/o11y infrastructure

Today though, it does approximately none of these things and certainly not on real hardware.

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