Given that it’s a month since the last update, one might reasonably - and correctly - surmise that chopping around modules and services is taking longer to sort out than I’d anticipated it would.

This is more of a placeholder than a full-sized blog post - if it leaves you wanting more, head on over have a half hour to spare you could watch the new video demonstrating liminix-update. That link is to the open federated video platform Peertube (specifically, Diode Zone) - but I also put it on Youtube if you can’t reach that.

And if you don’t have the time or inclination to watch a video, I’ll finish with the news that we now have reference documentation of the configuration options produced from the source code. This is still in flux insofar as I’m still moving options around, but it is (for me) much easier to find and improve poorly typed options by scrolling through the generated HTML than by reading the source files.


What’s left on this milestone?

  • create module-backed service for vlan
  • extract dhcp client service into its own module
  • see if there’s anything else in rotuer.nix that we should extract to a service
  • anything in vanilla-configuration.nix ditto
  • and in arhcive.nix (likely to be the rsync daemon, and the watchdog)
  • tidy up the dependency handling in the serviceDefn build function (the interface is fine, but the implementation is a bit brutal)
  • [NOW DONE] write a blog entry